4Slam Tennis was born as an idea generated by 3 ex ATP players: Galo Blanco, top 40 ATP in singles, Fernando Vicente, top 30 ATP in singles, and Jairo Velasco, top 50 ATP in double. Their dream was to create a ground breaking, strong coaching team to help players in a structured, innovative and personal way to reach the ATP/WTA circuit. They know that Players require the best technical coaches and physical trainers to enable them to reach their potential. So thanks to their personal experiences at the top and based on the broad knowledge passed on by their highly qualified and well known trainers, they have built a new methodology of training for high competition, "The Methodology of 4Slam Tennis Academy".

Train with us

To reach your dream of becoming an ATP / WTA TOP 100 player you must be committed to your objective, be consistent in your work ethic, and with the help of the best coaches, learn technical/tactical fine skills and court strategies. Day by day you must be determined to improve your physical condition and mobility skills. Plus have the passion to learn psychological exercises and routines to build up mental strength in order to manage court and match tension. In the 4Slam Tennis Academy we believe in small groups and in an individual and personal approach. Our work is different for every player in all aspects of their game: technical, physical, mental... helping the player to enhance their individual key abilities in the game and reduce their weaknesses.

The 4Slam Tennis Academy spirit looks for not only the personal and continuous growth of the player, but also the creation of a person who is positive and has integrity not only on the court but in all aspects of life.

Small groups

In 4Slam Tennis Academy we want to be a small academy to give the best service to a selected SMALL GROUPS.
Group of players who really want to work hard to succeed.

Personalised Training

This compact team of players allows 4Slam Tennis Academy to build an individualised program and to plan personalised training, because every player is important to us.

Individual Targets

4Slam Tennis Academy prepares a written program for each player, after an initial assessment, including court techniques/tactics and physical workout with monthly, quarterly and annual targets. Each player has a monthly review with his/her coach tutor.

Top Coaches

In 4Slam Tennis Academy we have built a unique team of tennis coaches as well as physical trainers, who have a wealth of experience with ATP/WTA players. We therefore offer our players the best opportunity to achieve their goal in life.


Passion is a driving force to achieve, and we as a team strongly believe in passion. Players in our team must have the passion to really work hard to succeed.

Hard Work/Fight

Simple and basic: Work hard, every day, and fight for every point.

Continuous Growth

In 4Slam Tennis Academy we will work with you day by day creating a firm foundation on which to build a steady, continuous growth. Quarterly review and reports are instrumental in charting to your progress.

Positive Thinking

To reach the ATP/WTA TOP 100 level is a long and perilous climb. You need to be positive on the court and in training, every day.  You can do it, and a smile is of utmost importance.

Mental Strength

Following the routines, and exercises, is basic in developing mental strength on the court and especially during matches. Being consistent and perseverant in the exercises will help you to build up mental strategies to face difficulties and fight to the end.


Commitment to your work, to your objectives, to the plan developed with the 4Slam Tennis Academy team. Because we are building a team of competitive players, and to succeed we need the commitment of everybody, especially the commitment of our players.

Many players don't reach the top because they are not committed to themselves. Are you committed?


Integrity is essential in life. 4Slam Tennis Academy expects integrity in all the components of its team. We want our athletes to grow as people and citizens of our community earning respect from everyone they meet.